Archangel Falls

Zion National Park, UT


Archangel Falls are a series of cascading crimson steps fed by the North Creek coming from the iconic Subway, which is just a few hundred yards away. The falls are a fossilized bed of Kayenta shale and are surrounded by red Navajo sandstone towering over 500 feet on either side.

When the conditions are right, these simple falls can provide one of your best photographic opportunities in Zion National Park. However, like most great things, this shot is not easy to come by. The Archangel Falls are located toward the end of a grueling 4 mile hike (Left Fork North Creek - Subway) through the Kolob Terrace in Zion National Park. The hike is not for the weak or the faint of heart, but at the end you are rewarded with 3 GREAT photographic opportunities (Archangel Fall, the Crack, and the iconic Subway).


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