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Trail Notes is a resource website designed to provide landscape photographers and outdoor enthusiast with a comprehensive guide to help you find, understand and shoot some of the best landscape photography locations in the country.

For each location, we provide 21 data points - which are intended to be informative, but brief so you can spend your time in the field shooting instead of researching.


Tips for using the site


Search by Region

If you are planning a trip or just want to find an image/location you want to visit - it is best to start with the LOCATIONS dropdown in the navigation bar and choose a REGION you are interested in.

The locations are separated into five (5) regions, so look for the region you are interested in to start your search.

The locations are separated into four (4) regions. Browse the locations by using the dropdown under “LOCATIONS” in the navigation bar. Once you chose a region you will see the different locations in each region.


Select A Location

Once you have found the location you are interested in - move the cursor over that thumbnail and click on MEMBER ACCESS. This will take you to the location summary page.



Sortable Location Map

Another way to search for a location is to use the LOCATION MAP found in the MEMBERS dropdown on the navigation bar. You can then sort the Location Map by: region, state or individual location.



Choose A Location

On the Location Map, if you click on any of the red pins on the map, an information popup will appear. The popup includes: location name, where it is near, what region and state it is in and a direct link to the Trail Notes location summary.



Location Summary

The heart of our website is what we call the Location Summary. Each summary includes 21 data points including GPS coordinates, trail ratings, detailed directions, and vital information for best understanding the location from a photographic standpoint. We also include information on weather, cell service, nearby lodging & restaurants and other resources.

Additionally, at the top of each Location Summary - we provide a quick overview of the location and try to include personal thoughts and impressions of the location during our visit.




Toward the bottom of each Location Summary is a display of Other Photography Locations Around. Simply, click on any of the images and it will take you directly to the Location Summary for that image.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 1.14.26 PM.png



Keep an eye out for Upcoming Locations. You will find them under the “LOCATIONS” dropdown in the navigation bar on the top left.

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We will send a notification of new locations around the second week of each month.