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Here’s Why I Started Photographers Trail Notes

To me photography is a combination of art, energy and adventure and allows me to share some of the beautiful places God has created.

As my passion for landscape photography has grown through the years, I realized how time consuming and sometimes frustrating it can be to find detailed information about the locations I want to shoot. I’ve spent hours—even days—researching GPS coordinates, directions, trails, weather, and more to determine if a location was right for me. I realized the need for a trusted, informative, one-stop resource for all the information I would need to plan a shoot at a particular location for photographers like me. And 75+ locations and counting, here we are!

I have personally visited each of the locations on this website, which required extensive research and planning beforehand. This collected information is presented in each Photographers Trail Notes offering, which includes my hands-on personal experience.
— Tim Wier

interested in being a contributing partner?

Photographers Trail Notes welcomes the opportunity to partner with others to help expand the geographic and creative footprint of the website while providing exposure and recognition (links to personal websites, promoting events and workshops) to other photographers which have a passion for landscape photography.

It is important that contributing partners share similar values, care and conservation of the locations, quality standards, integrity and goals as Photographers Trail Notes.