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Photographers Trail Notes welcomes the opportunity to partner with other photographers to help expand the geographic and creative footprint of the website. Contributing partners share in a passion for landscape photography, the care and conservation of the locations along with the quality standards and integrity of Photographers Trail Notes.


Rick Cassani

Rick is the co-owner of A Tale To Tell Pictures, in Sugar Land, TX. As a professional photographer specializing in Senior, Family, Preschool, and Headshot photography Rick has only recently ventured into the world of landscape photography.

Rick has a passion for teaching and enjoys instructing the intricacies of photography to students young and old. As a photographer who leans more towards the technical side than the creative, Rick has found landscape and astrophotography to be both challenging and rewarding. Rick conducts regular workshops on astrophotography, nature, and portraiture throughout the great state of Texas.Rick can be reached at


Jeffrey Davis

Jeff works as a documentary filmmaker and photographer, producer for PBS and other television programming, and fundraiser and advocate for a range of causes. Through the years, Jeff has traveled and worked in over fifty countries and remains captivated by nature and connections with diverse people and cultures.

Jeff is drawn to the power of compelling story and inspirational change and continues to cherish the wilderness and diverse cultures. Through the years, Jeff has explored remote open spaces in Bhutan, Tibet, Iceland, Nepal, Kenya, Vietnam, Norway, Morocco, Tanzania, Peru, Kenya, Namibia, Alaska, Alberta, Zambia, New Zealand, British Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Newfoundland, and other regions of the world.


Don Metz

I am a landscape and wildlife photographer based out of Denver. My approach to photography reflects my belief that a strong connection to nature is essential for human existence. In a time where civilization incessantly encroaches on our wildernesses and we struggle to defend our natural treasures I believe that capturing and sharing compelling images is an important enticement to ensure these lands are preserved for future generations.

We have a moral obligation to be responsible stewards of this planet and I hope my photography inspires people to conserve and protect our natural treasures and to encourage people to experience it for themselves.


James Kegley

Jim is based out of Las Vegas and is the owner of JDK Designs which is celebrating 15 years producing incredible, panoramic photographs. James D. Kegley has mastered the art of capturing the splendor of city skylines including Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, Chicago, Boston, Miami, and Key West. Jim specializes in citiscapes, seascapes, waterfalls, and landscapes.JDK Designs is currently expanding into the National Park arena, harnessing the beauty of every park with an impressive combination of expertise and equipment, to share this beauty with the world. The company is introducing this exclusive National Parks collection to new markets across the United States.

More than 10 million James D. Kegley images have been sold worldwide, and the collection is ever-expanding with spectacular new views of new places. The one word most used to describe his work is… beautiful.


Wolfe Repass

Based in Denver, Colorado, Wolfe has over 10 years of photography experience specializing in landscapes and wildlife. As part of these pursuits, Wolfe has traveled to 20+ countries across 5 continents, and spent several years living and working in Asia.

Wolfe is passionate about nature and believes that preserving the world's last great wild places, and the things that live within them, is one of our generation's greatest responsibilities.

Check out his website at


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Photographers Trail Notes welcomes the opportunity to partner with others to help expand the geographic and creative footprint of the website while providing exposure and recognition (links to personal websites, promoting events and workshops) to other photographers which have a passion for landscape photography.

It is important that contributing partners share similar values, care and conservation of the locations, quality standards, integrity and goals as Photographers Trail Notes.