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Have you ever seen a GREAT photograph and wondered where it was taken…


Wondered if you could stand in the same place - create your own version for your portfolio? 

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Trail Notes is a resource for landscape photographers and outdoor enthusiast. For each of our 75+ locations, we provide a comprehensive guide to help you find, understand and shoot some of the best landscape photography locations in the country.

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For each location, we provide GPS coordinates, detailed directions, trail difficulty, best time of day and best time of year to shoot, lenses to use, equipment needed, direction of shot, special nuances, weather, permits needed, lodging, nearby restaurants, cell service, and other tips based on our firsthand experience.

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What does it take to get the perfect shot?

It takes time spent on research; planning and mapping - time you would rather be spending on the trail. We’ve done the research, and we’ve been to the locations and offer a one-stop resource with the tools and information needed for put you in the right place to capture your next great image.



Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point - with its iconic gooseneck of the Colorado River is a must see when visiting the Moab, UT area.


Spirit Falls

This magical spot hidden in the Columbia River Gorge is one of the most beautiful and powerful falls I have ever seen.


Dallas Divide

The Dallas Divide is one of the great of American vistas and will simply take your breath away.


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